The town of Vrindavan is the point where the youthful Krishna is said to have grown up. Pilgrims flock here from around India and, as it’s the middle of the Hare Krishna community, from all around the world. Dozens of temples, old and contemporary, scatter the intriguing backstreets and come in all shapes and sizes, making a trip here more than simply your normal temple jump.

Famed for being the birthplace of the much-loved Hindu god Krishna, Mathura is just one of Hinduism’s seven holy cities also brings flood of pilgrims, especially during Janmastami (Krishna’s birthday) in August/September and Holi at February/March. The city is dotted with temples from several ages and the extend of the holy Yamuna River that flows past this is lined with 25 ghats.
Mathura was once a Kushan capital and a major Buddhist center with 20 monasteries that placed 3000 monks, but following the rise of Hinduism, and afterwards sackings by Afghan and Mughal rulers, all that’s left of the earliest sights are the gorgeous sculptures recovered from destroys, now on display from the excellent Archaeological Museum.