Steeped in history yet overflowing with modern life, vibrant, cacophonous Delhi pulsates with all the relentless rhythms of humankind like few other cities on Earth.

Honk-honk-beeeep! Love or hate it, it’s impossible to ignore. Whether you make it your base, or just dip into it for shopping sprees or to observe the Red Fort, you will be hard pushed to ever forget your time in this beautifully populated, and fabulously photogenic corner of town. You are going to be sharing its hectic streets and alleys with carts and cycle-rickshaws, with monkeys and cows, with shoppers and with beggars, together with street-food sellers and market dealers, and with automobiles, trucks, scooters and autorickshaws; watch your back — honk-honk-beeeep!

As the capital city of one of the most delicious country’s on Earth, Delhi tantalises your taste buds with its thali-such as fusion of tastes from every corner of the subcontinent: Breakfast on South Indian idly; lunch on Punjabi kulchas; afterward, come night, dine on wealthy Mughlai curries. But don’t forget to leave space for a few Dilli-ka-Chaat, Delhi’s famously delicious street-food bites; try sizzling kebabs for starters, then munch aloo tikki (spiced potato patties) before becoming your fingers sticky on jalebi (orange-coloured coils of deep-fried batter dunked in sugar syrup) or savoring some sumptuously creamy cardamon kheer.

All the riches of India twinkle in Delhi’s emporiums, so if you’re regretting not buying that handmade kathputli (puppet) you saw in Rajasthan or that Madhubani painting you adored in Bihar, fear not; chances are you will have the ability to locate one here also. New Delhi’s emporiums are all multi-floor, gift-filled niches that are perfect for a last-minute binge before you fly home. Old Delhi’s famously frenetic street bazaars, meanwhile, include a mind-boggling array of clothing, slippers, shawls, handicrafts, food, electronic equipment and much more.